Feb 8 2014

Happy New Year!!!

I'm so embarrassed!  I have been lagging on my blog this year and my only excuse is that this time of year, I tend to hibernate (a natural state I think for artists).  You get so exhausted after the holiday season that in January all you want to do is clean your filthy studio, clean your filthy house and re-focus your energies on new ideas, new pieces, new starts and maybe even new directions.  


This year my January has been hiccuped by finishing up major orders and a big show moving from May to March so it's re-stocking time again?!  I've been grouchy about this.  It's so obnoxious of me to even slightly complain about needing to spend time filling orders.  I am so very grateful that anyone wants my work but I'm kicking like a toddler because darn it this time of year is my time *off*.  Time to play and clean (and I am weird but I love to clean).  I feel so drained most of the time, that it's hard to be creative.  


Anyway, this picture is of a new-ish design I have been kicking around and playing with.  It's getting more minimalistic which is where I think I need my life to move toward.  So, in that is my New Year's Resolution!  The Pursuit of Minimalism in my Life, Art and Brain.  Happy 2014!!!  xo  



Dec 7 2013

San Francisco Bazaar TOMORROW!!!!!

Bizarre Bazaar Show / Fair


Okay, okay I am SOOOOO late in posting this but honestly it has been because I have been working night and day making work for the holiday season.  It never feels like I have enough work so this time of year becomes literally a blur of painting, clay dust, shoulder spasms and are those black spots or white flashing in front of my eyes??...  

But tomorrow, it is time for the ceramics I unloaded from the kiln merely today to be released into the world!   From 11am-6pm on Saturday and Sunday, December 6th and 7th at the San Francisco Concourse, you can buy local and handmade for the holidays.  Hope to see you there -- and please no rain til the night time!



Nov 20 2013

Studio Dangers

I knew it was coming.  I checked myself several times and backed off but the disaster was inevitable.  A lesson has been learned.  Don't let your headphone wires attach to your pottery wheel when it is spinning.  It will rip off of your head and destroy your fancy headphones that were a birthday present.  Sorry Christopher!

Destroyed Headphones

In other news, Save the Dates!  I have been busy in the studio making wares for the holidays.  I will be participating in the Berkeley Potters Guild Holiday Show and Open Studios starting Thanksgiving weekend all the way to Christmas.  Next up is the San Francisco Bazaar the Concourse on December 7th and 8th.  Lastly, I will have some pieces at the "White Show" http://fourthandclay.blogspot.comat the Fourth and Clay Gallery -- big party happening there on the evening of December 12th.  I will have better details in future posts.  I'm very late in loading my kiln today.  D'oh!

Oct 3 2013

Rockridge Out and About Show THIS Weekend!!!

I love October in the Bay Area because it is still sunny and warm which is why I can still participate in one more outdoor show of the year.  The Rockridge Out and About show is this Sunday, October 6th from noon-6pm.  Free Admission, great music, great food and great vendors!!  Hope to see you there! More info here:


Rockridge Out & About 2013 Show

Sep 6 2013

Things you never thought you might have to do as a ceramics artist Part 2

In a previous post, you may recall that I was a woodworker.  Now I lay vinyl flooring!!  Not well mind you.  I don't think anyone would hire me professionally as evidenced by the left hand side of the flooring slowly inching away from the wall, but it serves its purpose.  Future note to self.  Do not lay vinyl flooring in 82 degree weather on the second floor under a huge skylight.  I was soaked in sweat down to my skivvies!  YUCK!

Before Picture New Vinyl Flooring

This is in our shared common space at the Potters Guild.    The first picture is the before picture where you can see that hot beam of sun on the wooden floor.  The second picture shows the floor, kiln lid and the "band-aid" colored duct tape which ear-wormed me with that "stuck on band-aid" song. Did it to you too didn't I??  Yeah yeah it doesn't have to be pretty, it's a working studio space...

Aug 22 2013

Things you never thought you'd have to do to be a Ceramics Artist Part 1

When you make the decision to love clay as a profession, you dayream that all you do all day is play in mud.  The harsh reality is that you feel like you never play in mud but are doing bookkeeping, marketing, shipping, selling at shows, schlepping pieces to shows, etc etc...  

And then there are those things you thought weren't part of the job description like using a circular saw to cut a bunch of wood to make mold boxes.  I took a wood working class once and made a really, really tall table that never stood on all four legs that finally after 12 years of living in our storage, I turned my head and told Chris to take it down to the streets with a free sign.  I can say I was highly pleased that someone snapped it up in 5 minutes; however, since then I normally stay away from sharp power tools and I can say it greatly pleases my friends and family who rightfully so, fear the combination of me plus sharp objects!  

Wood Working

But look here!  I cut tons of scrap wood using a borrowed circular saw (Thanks Oakland Tool Lending Library!!!) with nary a scratch OR splinter!!!  And now I can make tons of plaster molds and play Ceramics Artist again.  YAY!

Jul 31 2013

Utensil Holder

From a previous posting, you may remember I have issues doing custom orders as they take me FOREVER to do.  I usually only do them for family because they understand C.S.T. (or Chanda Standard Time) which is a lateness/lagging that I am typically known for.  In fact, my Mom said the only time I have ever been on time is for my birth when I came exactly on the day the doctor's said I would (Happy Birthday to me, July 26th!!)  

At any rate, I was challenged by a customer who asked if I could make a utensil holder for her. She had a fire in her house and her collection of mugs including mine got burned and cracked. She then complimented me and gave me such a wonderful description of my work and I quote "it reminded me strongly of some algebraic diagrams I was researching for a course through my master's program" that I caved and said I would try. Okay, yes it took me six months but she assured me repeatedly she could wait and this is the resultant utensil holder. Maybe someday it will become regular offering!!


Jul 3 2013

Temescal Street Fair THIS SUNDAY!

I've been so busy painting and glazing that I almost completely forgot to tell people what all of my work has been for!  This Sunday, July 7th is the Temescal Street Fair from noon-6pm.  My July 4th will be spent in the studio glazing and loading the kiln!  Hope yours is full of relaxation and fun.  hahahaha!  Really I can't complain as soon I am going on a four day camping trip.  smiley More event details here:




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